Arm architecture

Arm architecture
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Notes: instruction set architecture, ISA specification, ASL, Sail language

Arm is an instruction set architecture.

Formal ISA specifications for Arm include

Arm Architecture Specification Language (ASL), Capstone disassembler, Instruction set architecture, L3 specification language, Remill binary lifting library, Sail ISA specification language

  • Detailed models of instruction set architectures: From pseudocode to formal semantics [armstrong:arw:2018]
  • ISA semantics for ARMv8-A, RISC-V, and CHERI-MIPS [armstrong:popl19:2019]
  • The state of Sail [armstrong:spisa:2019]
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  • Raising binaries to LLVM IR with MCTOLL (WIP paper) [yadavalli:lctes:2019]