Software Testing Competition (Test-Comp)

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Notes: FQL, KLEE verifier, SV competition
Papers: beyer:ase:2019

TestComp is an annual competition between automated software verification tools that has been running since 2019. It uses the same tests and program annotations as SV competition. Results and tool descriptions are published in

A subset of FQL is used to specify problems of two forms:

  • Bug finding: generate tests that call the function “_VERIFIER_error”.
  • Coverage: generate tests that cover all branches of the program.
    • uses the TestCov tool (beyer:ase:2019) tool to evaluate test coverage

The test programs are taken from SV competition and are

  • Reachability tests - I think on small programs
  • Software systems tests - larger, more realistic code like busybox, Linux drivers, SQLite.
  • Termination (on smaller programs?)

In 2020, the winners were VeriFuzz and LibKluzzer. Their scores were very close. They were both based on combining fuzzers with symbolic execution to handle complex conditions.

  • TestCov: Robust test-suite execution and coverage measurement [beyer:ase:2019]
  • Software verification: Testing vs. model checking [beyer:hvc:2017]