Bounded model-checking

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Notes: bounded verification, model checking, symbolic execution, symbolic evaluation, reachability
Papers: nelson:sosp:2019, bornholt:oopsla:2018, jhala:compsurv:2009

Bounded model checking is a variant of model checking.

Following the terminology in section 3.1 of bornholt:oopsla:2018, bounded model-checking is a form of symbolic evaluation where all paths are followed at a time.

The benefit of following all paths at once is that it avoids the path explosion problem seen in symbolic execution.

The disadvantage of following all paths at once is that this requires that states are merged at join points so many calculations involve symbolic values requiring the use of a solver to resolve.

Bounded verification, CBMC verifier, Swarm verification, Symbolic evaluation, Symbolic execution, Verification performance of code, Verification profiling of code, Verifier performance