Reverse engineering

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Notes: binary analysis

Binary lifter, BinRec binary lifter, Capstone disassembler, Dagger binary lifter, LLVM-MCtoLL binary lifter, Malware analysis, McSema binary lifter, reopt binary lifter, RetDec decompiler, reverse engineering tool, SecondWrite binary lifter

  • A compiler-level intermediate representation based binary analysis and rewriting system [anand:eurosys:2013]
  • An in-depth analysis of disassembly on full-scale x86/x64 binaries [andriesse:usenix:2016]
  • Reverse interpretation + mutation analysis = automatic retargeting [collberg:pldi:1997]
  • Rev.Ng: A unified binary analysis framework to recover CFGs and function boundaries [difederico:cc:2017]