Magic wand

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Notes: Permission logic, Rust language, Separation logic
Papers: astrauskas:oopsla:2019, blom:ijsttt:2015, schwerhoff:ecoop:2015

“Magic wand” is the somewhat whimsical name for the intuitionistic implication operator “—∗” used in Separation logic and its generalization Permission logic.

I get the impression that magic wands were largely ignored because use of magic wands hit decidability problems. Some more recent papers that changed that are: schwerhoff:ecoop:2015, blom:ijsttt:2015. They get round the decidability problems by introducing witnesses for magic wands.

Magic wands are useful for modelling partial data structures such as all the parts of a tree from the root down except for the bit that is currently being processed.

Magic wands are also used to model borrow semantics in the Rust language by astrauskas:oopsla:2019.

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