Information flow

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Notes: self-composition

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Information flow checks are a form of security checks that track where information is flowing from and to and under which circumstances. It can be performed as a dynamic check on a single execution (“taint tracking”) or as a static analysis that typically compares results on two or more executions.

A distinction is often made before “explicit” information flow (e.g., “x = y;”) and “implicit” information flow (e.g., “if y then x = 1;” which has an information flow from y to x even if y is False). This distinction reflects a classic weakness of taint tracking approaches that dynamically tag values with metadata during an execution and, because they are based on a single execution, are unable to accurately track information flows in the paths that are not executed.

Some topics are

  • Declassification
  • Cryptography
  • Operating Systems
  • Languages
    • Type-based information flow checking
    • Self-composition
  • Hardware
  • Systems
  • Quantitative

Language based security, Non-interference, Self composition