Summarised papers

  • Verifying constant-time implementations [almeida:security:2016]
  • End-to-end verification of information flow security for C and assembly programs [costanzo:pldi:2016]
  • SecChisel: Language and tool for practical and scalable security verification of security-aware hardware architectures [deng:hasp:2019]
  • Secure autonomous cyber-physical systems through verifiable information flow control [liu:cpsspc:2018]
  • Verifying security invariants in ExpressOS [mai:asplos:2013]
  • seL4: from general purpose to a proof of information flow enforcement [murray:secpriv:2013]
  • Scaling symbolic evaluation for automated verification of systems code with Serval [nelson:sosp:2019]
  • Noninterference, transitivity, and channel-control security policies [rushby:sri:1992]
  • StkTokens: Enforcing well-bracketed control flow and stack encapsulation using linear capabilities [skorstengaard:popl:2019]
  • Complete information flow tracking from the gates up [tiwari:asplos:2009]
  • A type system for expressive security policies [walker:popl:2000]
  • A hardware design language for timing-sensitive information flow security [zhang:asplos:2015]

Unsummarised papers