The CHERI capability model: Revisiting RISC in an age of risk

Jonathan Woodruff, Robert N. M. Watson, David Chisnall, Simon W. Moore, Jonathan Anderson, Brooks Davis, Ben Laurie, Peter G. Neumann, Robert M. Norton, Michael Roe
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2014 ACM/IEEE 41st International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA)
Pages 457-468
Note(s): CHERI architecture, capabilities
Papers: nienhuis:secpriv:2020, skorstengaard:popl:2019, skorstengaard:esop:2018, watson:sandp:2015

Capabilities, CHERI architecture

  • Rigorous engineering for hardware security: Formal modelling and proof in the CHERI design and implementation process [nienhuis:secpriv:2020]
  • CHERI: A hybrid capability-system architecture for scalable software compartmentalization [watson:sandp:2015]
  • CHERI concentrate: Practical compressed capabilities [woodruff:tocs:2019]