PAC: Practical accountability for CCF

Alex Shamis, Peter Pietzuch, Miguel Castro, Edward Ashton, Amaury Chamayou, Sylvan Clebsch, Antoine Delignat-Lavaud, Cedric Fournet, Matthew Kerner, Julien Maffre, Manuel Costa, Mark Russinovich
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Read: 05 July 2021

arXiv 2105.13116 cs.DC

Permissioned ledgers that use Byzantine fault tolerance can detect misbehaviour provided that there is enough diversity between machines but, if there are only a few cloud providers, you don’t get much diversity.

This paper proposes a mechanism to assign blame based on verifiable receipts that allow the ledger to be audited which creates a strong disincentive to misbehaviour at low cost (they can support 48k transactions per second).