Formal verification of a memory allocation module of Contiki with Frama-C: a case study

Frédéric Mangano, Simon Duquennoy, Nikolai Kosmatov
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Read: 25 November 2019

International Conference on Risks and Security of Internet and Systems
Pages 114-120
Topic(s): os tools verification
Note(s): Frama-C verifier
Papers: cuoq:sefm:2012

This paper describes the use of Frama-C to specify and verify the Contiki memory allocator. The description is very clear and contains enough of the specification that it should be easy to reproduce or adapt to other allocators. Use of the specification is demonstrated on a simple program that allocates two objects and then frees them. The annotation burden is about 154 lines to 139 lines of code (around 110%) – which seems to be about normal for Frama-C.

One minor complaint is that, although it describes in detail an inductive definition for calculating the number of free blocks, it does not contain the definition. And, it relies on some auxiliary lemmas proved in Coq but does not show the details to better explain how Coq and Frama-C are used together. (However, it does cite a paper [2] that may contain that detail.)

Overall, a short, easy and rewarding read.

Annotation burden