The Boogie verification debugger

Claire Le Goues, K. Rustan M. Leino, Michał Moskal
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Read: 03 March 2020

Software Engineering and Formal Methods
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Berlin, Heidelberg
Pages 407-414
Topic(s): tools verification
Note(s): Boogie verifier, Dafny verifier, VCC verifier
Papers: barnett:fmco:2005, leino:lpair:2010, cohen:cav:2010, cohen:cav:2010, barnett:cacm:2011, jacobs:nfm:2011

A critical part of any verification tool is a debugger that helps you understand and localise any errors detected. For dynamic verification (i.e., testing), we typically use a debugger like gdb/lldb to halt the program at interesting points and inspect the state of the system. For static verification (i.e., formal verification), it initially seems quite different because the verification tool typically does not run the program from the beginning and does not generate concrete values for all variables. I think the message of this paper is that it is not as hard as it seems.

The ingredients of their solution are:

  • The language specific part of the verifier generates canonical names for heap objects. e.g., for nodes of type T, it might call them T’0, T’1, etc.
  • Allowing you to step through the code and showing values accessible in either the previous state or the next state as you step. (I guess conventional dynamic debuggers do this too?)
  • Supporting search for aliases (other pointers to the same location)
  • Breadth first conversion of SMT solver states to source-language states
  • for Skolem constants
  • A standard plugin interface to the language front end. For VCC, this is 1000 lines, for Dafny, it is 400 lines.

As the title implies, this is implemented in Boogie and they have implemented the frontend support for both Dafny and VCC.

The paper has a useful list of other work in ESC/Modula-3, ESC/Java, VCC, Spec#, VeriFast and CBMC. This topic is not discussed often so it is super-useful to find a list of what little has been reported.

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