SoK: Practical foundations for software Spectre defenses

Sunjay Cauligi, Craig Disselkoen, Daniel Moghimi, Gilles Barthe, Deian Stefan
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Read: 22 June 2022

2022 2022 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (SP) (SP)
IEEE Computer Society
Los Alamitos, CA, USA
Pages 1517-1517
may 2022
Note(s): information flow, language based security, speculative execution, Systematization of Knowledge
Papers: guarnieri:sandp:2020

This Systematization of Knowledge paper brings order to a range of software analysis tools, programming models, etc. for defending against Spectre-like attacks by examining those approaches through the lens of guarnieri:sandp:2020’s contracts.

Language based security, Systematization of Knowledge (SoK)