Unit tests

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Notes: test-case reduction, test generation, search-based test generation, property-based testing

Property-based testing

  • SUSHI: A test generator for programs with complex structured inputs [braione:icse:2018]
  • QuickCheck: A lightweight tool for random testing of Haskell programs [claessen:icfp:2000]
  • Study of integrating random and symbolic testing for object-oriented software [dimjasevic:ifm:2018]
  • Feedback-directed unit test generation for C/C++ using concolic execution [garg:icse:2013]
  • DeepState: Symbolic unit testing for C and C++ [goodman:ndss:2018]
  • Test-case reduction via test-case generation: Insights from the Hypothesis reducer [maciver:ecoop:2020]
  • Parameterized unit tests [tillmann:fse:2005]
  • Relational test tables: A practical specification language for evolution and security [weigl:arxiv:2019]