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Notes: information flow, hyperproperty, non-leakage
Papers: goguen:secpriv:1982, goguen:secpriv:1984, rushby:sri:1992, bowman:icfp:2015, costanzo:pldi:2016, ferraiuolo:sosp:2017, nelson:sosp:2019, nelson:osr:2020, tiwari:isca:2009

A good intro is the first few pages of nelson:osr:2020 — but after that, it gets a bit denser.

Some key decisions in choosing a non-interference framework to use are:

  • do you want to support downgrading (transfer of information under restricted conditions). If so, you probably need an intransitive policy. An alternative approach is to verify non-interference for the non-downgrading part of the system and verify the declassifier separately. A final alternative is to add preconditions or axioms on those operations that downgrading applies to.

  • do you want to restrict transfer of data (eg memory/file contents) or do you also want to restrict transfer of metadata (eg how much memory is being used). To restrict data, specify restrictions on what states can be distinguished and to restrict metadata, specify restrictions on what traces can be distinguished.

Hyperproperty, Language based security, Non leakage