Annotation burden

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Notes: ghost code, VeriFast verifier, interactive theorem prover, auto-active verification
Papers: calcagno:popl:2009, cohen:cav:2010, gu:osdi:2016, mangano:crisis:2016, morrisett:wcsss:1999, vasudevan:usenix:2016, vogels:fmoods:2011, costanzo:pldi:2016, klein:sosp:2009, leroy:cacm:2009

Program verification using auto-active verifiers and interactive theorem provers requires writing annotations, proof scripts or ghost code to assist the verification.

Some reported numbers are

Prover System Paper Burden
VCC Hyper-V cohen:cav:2010 100%
Frama-C Contiki mangano:crisis:2016 110%
Frama-C überSpark vasudevan:usenix:2016 110%
Coq CertiKOS gu:osdi:2016 1500%

todo: collect more data

vogels:fmoods:2011 describes some techniques to infer annotations in the VeriFast verifier. calcagno:popl:2009 describes the Infer system used to infer function contracts for various systems including parts of the Linux kernel.

Ghost code