Programming on a Mac

What does it take to turn a Mac into a decent programming environment?

I’ve already installed Xcode from the App store, but I need some editors, compilers and version control.

  • XTerm2 - terminal with neat features like replay (scrolling meets TimeMachine!)
  • Emacs (Aquamacs) - an editor
  • VIM - another editor (not actually installed yet - will need to build from source)
  • GitX (Laullon fork) - GUI for GIT distributed version control system
  • HomeBrew - an alternative to Mac Ports (haven’t decided which I prefer)
  • Scala - programming language
    • brew install scala
    • First time you run ‘scala’ it installs a JDK
  • Haskell - programming language
    • brew install ghc
    • brew install haskell-platform
  • ReStructuredText - converts traditionally formatted text files to HTML
    • sudo easy_install pip
    • sudo pip install docutils
Written on December 16, 2012. The opinions expressed are my own views and not my employer's.