Mixture of experts

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Notes: machine learning, neural network, gating network
Papers: shazeer:arxiv:2017

A technique used in machine learning where a larger model is composed of multiple sub-models plus a gating network (e.g., a neural network) to calculate a relative weight for the outputs of the sub-models.

When the weights are often zero, it is possible to exploit sparsity as in shazeer:arxiv:2017.

Gating network

  • Switch transformers: Scaling to trillion parameter models with simple and efficient sparsity [fedus:arxiv:2021]
  • GShard: Scaling giant models with conditional computation and automatic sharding [lepikhin:arxiv:2020]
  • Outrageously large neural networks: The sparsely-gated mixture-of-experts layer [shazeer:arxiv:2017]